Hot knives are a piece of the past. Even Cleopatra and the ancient people cared for their hair and dry tops with this technique. The Swiss businessman studied history and decided to bring the technology to the modern hairdressing industry as well. Several tests and trials followed until modern “hot scissors” were created.
The effectiveness of hot scissors is based on the fact that the top of each hair is cut sharply with a knife. The head of the hair is sealed or compacted. Unlike regular scissors that may leave the tip broken - which in turn promotes bifurcated - hot scissors close the head. The hair does not dry in the same way as before and retains its natural shine. The hair feels stronger, healthy, and supple. In addition, such surgery provides natural protection from adverse environmental effects such as pollution. The temperature of the hot scissors is selected depending on the condition of the hair. Whether the hair is thick or fine, treated or untreated, curly or straight. The scissors are easy to use and suitable for all hair types.

The hot scissors cut is especially suitable for those who dream of long hair and grow it. The therapeutic result is achieved when the treatment is repeated regularly 2-3 times. The hair becomes as thick from base to tip, and bifurcations no longer produce the same problems as before. Several hair-raising women rarely visit the hairdresser, even every six months. This long cutting interval reduces the shine of the hair and makes the hair flabby and lifeless. With hot scissors, the cut prolongs the shine of the hair and the hair is better to grow. It does not break from the top anymore as before. The cutting interval should be kept short, about 1-2 months.

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